Mixology Report is a weekly event held every thursday at The Britannique Naples, in the setting of our American bar,

dedicated to the world of cocktails and bartending.

This event is designed for mixology enthusiasts, those who like to experiment with new flavors

and for those who want to discover the latest trends in the world of cocktails.

The atmosphere of the event is lively and welcoming, accompanied by pleasant music and catching energy.

Guests can enjoy a wide selection of creative and innovative cocktails prepared by our expert Bartender Amedeo Saide.

New recipes and unique combinations of ingredients will be presented each week,

encouraging experimentation and discovery of different tastes.

Mixology Report offers an engaging and fun experience for cocktail lovers

and for those who wish to explore the world of refined flavors and drinks.

Every thursday


For information and reservations:

081 090 2000

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